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A Light in the Darkness

Here both physical and spiritual light merge. Eternal victory over sin and death will be achieved, and God will light our way. Praise the Lord!

Patterns of Evidence

The events of the Bible are true. And in this age of skepticism, God is making it known to those whose minds are not already made up.

Can We Be Certain Jesus Rose From the Dead?

But what is important to note is that to believe that Jesus rose from the dead is reasonable and logical. And the implications of how we respond to this event, either in faith or disbelief, will impact us both now and eternally.

The Coming Antichrist

Sadly, the many who have drifted away from the church and their Christian faith stand little chance against the deception of the Antichrist and his prophet.

Welcome the Foreigner

The Bible teaches us the treat the foreigner as native-born (Leviticus 19:33-34), so from a Biblical perspective, what is most troubling regarding our immigration system is not that we welcome foreigners, but that we are breaking the law by doing so, and that we are not using the border to screen criminals, sex and drug traffickers, drugs, gang members and terrorists as thoroughly as we could.

Jesus’ Fulfillment of the Biblical Feasts

As fewer and fewer people in the United States, each year celebrate the events of Holy Week, I believe it is imperative to communicate why we can be certain that these events are historically true and are of eternal significance.

What Does the Future Hold

In Matthew 24 the Disciples of Jesus ask Him three questions: When will the temple be destroyed? What will be the sign of your coming? What will be the sign of the end of the age?