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Let’s Get a LifeWise Academy Started!

LifeWise Academy continues to expand to numerous school districts around the country, including those surrounding the Tippecanoe Valley School District. We need to catch the wave if we hope to start up in the fall!

C.S. Lewis once stated, “Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.” We believe that Christianity is of infinite importance, and LifeWise Academy provides a means to share the Gospel with hundreds of public school students in the Tippecanoe Valley School District.

Lifewise Update

Learn More

Educate yourself on this great opportunity to share the Gospel with hundreds of public school students.

Voice Your Support

We have received over 100 signatures in support of LifeWise Academy in the Tippecanoe Valley School District, but the more the better!

Encourage Your Congregation to Participate

Some churches have expressed an interest in LifeWise Academy but have not yet committed to offering their facility as a meeting place. Encourage your pastor and Board to get behind these efforts.

Sign-Up to Serve on the Steering Committee

Several individuals have expressed an interest in serving on the Steering Committee but have not yet signed up. Sign-up or encourage someone you think would be a great Committee member to join.

Local LifeWise Needs

Church or Other Facilities Near a School

Burket Bible Church is located near the Burket Educational Center. Other churches are located much closer to the two elementary schools, middle school and high school. A church or other facility located within walking distance of a school could be a great asset to LifeWise. Contact Mark Eastway, the Kickoff Coordinator to express your interest or to hear a presentation.


If you own or have access to a bus or large van, you could play an essential role in transporting youths to and from school. 

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